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Our Core Vision

A School community which inspires curiosity, confidence, co-operation, communication and creativity for life.

Our Ethos and Values


We want to children to have a lifelong love of learning. We have a learning environment which is rich in opportunity.  Adults tune into the children to support their curiosity, exploration and play.  We provide resources and experiences that spark children’s thinking, curiosity and develop connections in their thinking. We provide real hands-on activities that encourage children to use their senses to explore and develop a deep curiosity in the world around them.  Children develop their curiosity through exploring the natural world and engaging with nature throughout the seasons.  Collaborative skills and independent thinking skills develop as we explore and play together.  All children thrive and grow in knowledge, skills and curiosity.



We know that children’s capacity for learning is powerfully linked to their emotional state. We recognise the importance of secure and loving relationships and the school has a loving pedagogy where we recognise that children’s behaviour is a form of communication.  Understanding and responding to a children’s needs helps them to develop their social, emotional and communication skills whilst building their independence We work closely with families to support children in feeling safe and secure. Our curriculum puts children’s emotional and cognitive development at the heart of everything we do.  Providing learning experiences that are joyous and fun is essential in creating happy and confident learners.  We support children to see themselves as learners and motivate children to become confident and resilient learners. We work in partnership with our families to ensure children have a confident disposition towards learning.



We value the importance of positive relationships across the whole school community. We captivate children and develop their relationships with others through playful teaching and playful learning.  We have a school culture where playfulness is celebrated.  We support children to develop the skills to play with others and learn how to take turns.  We use conflict resolution and emotion coaching strategies to support children in developing co-operative play.  Working in co-operation with our families is essential to ensure children have the very best outcomes.



We use children’s natural curiosities to cultivate and develop a love of learning.  We support children to make connections, embrace problems and create their own solutions.  We support children’s learning through a well-planned and ambitious curriculum that covers all areas of learning which encourages exploration, independence and creative thinking. We encourage children to take risks, be brave and ‘have a go’, rising to new challenges. We encourage children to be imaginative and innovative in their play.



Communication and language development and emotional development are at the heart of our curriculum.  We are sensitive and responsive to children’s needs and provide high quality interactions which encourage back and forth experiences which are verbal and non -verbal.

We develop children’s communication through a range of ways using children’s starting points.  Communication may be verbal or non-verbal.  We have a communication rich learning environment where print, pictures and objects are used to support all children’s communication skills.

Carefully selected books, nursery rhymes, poems, music and songs are the core of our language rich curriculum.  A curriculum that excites and stimulates and lays a foundation for future reading and writing development.



We want the children to know that each one of us is special and unique.  We foster a strong sense of identity and encourage children to be interested in learning about others. We listen to the children, respect their thoughts and feelings and celebrate their successes   We are committed to high standards and ensuring that our families have the very best support to ensure children can flourish.

We are committed to providing a fully inclusive school where every child’s individual needs are met. We are actively anti-racist in our approach and celebrate diversity. We encourage children to be naturally curious about how we are all different, unique and special.