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Day 10 #30DaysWild

Grove News
Day 10 of #30DaysWild and the children sowed wild flower seeds in the mud kitchen. “They look like chocolate eggs” “The rain will make the flowers grow” “I throw the seed all the way to there” “More seeds” “Water all go” “We don’t want the squirrels to take our seeds”

Days6/7 #30DaysWild

Grove News
We did day 6 of #30DaysWild today. Sarah played this fortnight’s core song, “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley, for the children on her guitar. She also played “Here Comes the Sun” by The Beatles, another of our favourites. Next week the chn can play instruments alongside her. Day 7…

Day 4 – #30DaysWild

Grove News
Day 4 of #30DaysWild and the children went on a snail and slug safari! “What’s a safari?” “I went on a safari. I saw tigers and zebras at the zoo” “Here. Snail. Be careful” “Two snails and three snails” “I got snails in my balcony” “Snails don’t have any legs…

30 Days Wild!

Grove News
The children have jumped straight back into Summer term 2 by joining in with #30DaysWild. Every day we will do at least one wild activity and record it on our super size #30DaysWild calendar. Today we hugged a tree and read a book in the grass.

Family sing-along

Grove News
We have been learning 4 songs for our end of term family sing-along. Today Sarah brought in her guitar and played ‘Here Comes The Sun’ on it for the children to sing along to. They were fascinated by it and enjoyed touching the strings. We have a spare guitar and…

Vintage Car Fun!

Grove News
One of our chn is very knowledgeable about cars & motorbikes. They recently bought in their toy Rolls-Royce & told their friends all about it. Today one of our families brought in their Rolls-Royce for this child, and other car buffs, to sit in and experience. A memory for life!

What the Ladybird Heard

Grove News
That summer feeling is in the air….This fortnight’s core text is “What The Ladybird Heard”. The children love this story, using adorable props to act it out. We hope to find real ladybirds in our beautiful Nursery garden. We took some pictures, which can be seen in the gallery below.…

Windy City!

Grove News
The windy weather provided the children with lots of sensory experiences today. “The blossom is falling down” “It’s snowing” “I can throw the blossom” “We can make a potion with the blossom” “I can hear music in the trees” “When it’s fast wind it spins” “It’s so windy in my…