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World Book Day 2024

Grove News
Come and join us for World Book Day on Tuesday 5th March and/or Thursday 7th March. Stay for as long as you like between 8.45am and 10.00am or 12.30pm and 1.30pm. Here are some of the activities you can join in with: Share some books and stories with your child…

Healthy Travel

Grove News
We love to see this! Healthy and fun ways to travel to Nursery School. Our children and families are doing an amazing job at doing their bit to keep London streets clear of pollution by leaving the car at home and travelling to school by foot or in this case,…

A traditional drum!

Grove News
One of our families returned from visiting Banjul, the capital of Gambia, and gifted us this beautiful traditional drum called a Sabar. It is associated with the Wolof people of West Africa. We love global music at The Grove and the children will enjoy playing the new drum.

Counting Oranges!

Grove News, Learning
We had a lot of oranges at snack & wondered how many we had altogether. We counted a total of 27. Then we explored ‘whole’ and ‘half’. The children enjoyed counting how many orange segments they each had. We even had some fun subitising. “1,2,5,8,7” “I ate all of them”…

A Maths Day!

Grove News, Learning
Lots of opportunities for maths across the day… Learning the names of 3D shapes and the names of @community_play blocks at tidy up time. “It’s like a circle” “This block is like a tunnel and a bridge” “The prism goes here” “This one is here. It’s a little block”

Creepy Crawlies

Grove News
The sunshine brought all the creatures out today. Following on from last week’s recording of birds we had seen, we decided to record the insects we saw. “Snakes!” “The bee is on the flower” “The worm is getting longer” “I think that’s a baby woodlouse” “There’s 3 snails hiding”.

Bird Watching!

Grove News
The children have been getting ready for the Big Garden Birdwatch by watching the birds in the Nursery garden. They made tally marks to record numbers of each species they saw. “Look! Bird” “I see a bird on the roof yesterday” “I wanna give the birds a hug” “It’s 3…


Grove News
Our core text this week is ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. The children have enjoyed acting out the story with props and taking on roles. We will also be reading different versions of this traditional tale and making porridge for snack time.