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The Grove Nursery School

Our nursery day is very much led by the children’s interests. We provide equal play opportunities for both morning children and afternoon children. Each day the nursery team plans a range of focused and free choice experiences for the children to access. These activities are based on the observations the team makes on the children during their time at nursery, which enables them to build on what they have learned the previous day. In addition, to ensure that the children have a broad and balanced curriculum staff plan, each half term, specific parts of the curriculum (the EYFS) to be covered. These are available on our website and includes key events and trips out.

During the day water and milk is made available to the children and we encourage and support them to develop their independence by pouring drinks for themselves. Snacks such as fruit and crackers are also provided. These times provide opportunities for developing social skills such as waiting your turn and talking and listening to friends.