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Planning in the Moment

At The Grove we provide an environment where children are independent, calm, confident and purposeful in their play. We aim to provide an environment that meets the needs and interests of the children.

We believe that children learn best when leading their own learning. Children are born with a natural desire to learn and explore and our practitioners support them to do this.  We do this through providing an enabling environment and through the relationships and interactions that the children experience.  When children are highly involved their play their brains are ‘lit up’ and deep level learning happens.

At The Grove we do not plan ahead. Babies and young children are experiencing and learning in the here and now, not storing up their questions until tomorrow or next week.  Instead, we remain in the moment with the children as they play and explore. We observe carefully, and enhance the learning whenever we spot a “teachable moment”.  Our observations, interactions and the outcomes are recorded afterwards.

Each term your child will be a ‘focus child’ and their key worker and other team members, will observe and support them in their play, offering input at “teachable moments”.  This is our planning, using that moment to push on your child’s learning.  This may be done through providing vocabulary, demonstrating how to use a tool, modelling positive interactions with peers etc.  The traditional teaching cycle of observation and assessment is done in the moment that it happens and we invite you to be part of that process by making contributions to their learning journey.